[Rt-devel] Performance and response time in RT

Hilde Therese Lauvset Hilde.Lauvset at cc.uit.no
Fri Apr 30 08:14:52 EDT 2004



We think RT's response time is very low. It take about 6-7 seconds to
load a new page every time. I was wondering if anybody has the same
response time; better or worse. I have tried to do some research on how
to better the performance and has done a few changes, but with no luck.


Is there an idea to use indexing in the mysql database? Or isn't the
database a problem at all?


If anyone has an idea of what we can do, so please give us a hint.



Here are our settings:


Machine: 2 CPU with 1 GHz and 1 GB RAM



Apache 2.0

Fastcgi 2.4.2

Mysql 4




LoadModule fastcgi_module modules/mod_fastcgi.so

AddHandler fastcgi-script fcgi 

FastCgiServer /opt/rt3/bin/mason_handler.fcgi



NameVirtualHost xxx.xxx.x.x:80


<VirtualHost xxx.xxx.x.x:80>

        ScriptAlias / /opt/rt3/bin/mason_handler.fcgi/ 

        ServerName blabla

        DocumentRoot /opt/rt3/share/html

        AddDefaultCharset UTF-8






# hack to fix graphics with fastcgi 

NameVirtualHost xxx.xxx.x.x:81


<VirtualHost xxx.xx.x.x:81>

        DocumentRoot /opt/rt3/share/html/NoAuth/images





PerlSetVar MasonCodeCacheMaxSize 20000000

PerlSetVar MasonStaticSource 1


If you find something strange in my httpd.conf file please tell me :-)


Hilde Therese


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