[Rt-devel] Timeout

Kevin Murphy murphy at genome.chop.edu
Fri Apr 30 11:16:20 EDT 2004

> We had some complaining about to short timeout in RT (users must log 
> in again). Does anybody know where we can set the timeout ?

I don't know if there is a better way, but I do this:

In ./etc/RT_SiteConfig.pm, I place the line:

Set($CookieExpires, '+99M');

Then I copy ./share/html/Elements/SetupSessionCookie to 
./local/html/Elements/SetupSessionCookie (you will have to create the 
intermediate directories), and then change one line in the file with 
this patch:

--- share/html/Elements/SetupSessionCookie      Fri Feb 13 13:21:02 2004
+++ local/html/Elements/SetupSessionCookie      Mon Feb 16 10:22:32 2004
@@ -73,6 +73,7 @@
              -name  => $cookiename,
              -value => $session{_session_id},
              -path  => '/',
+           -expires => $RT::CookieExpires
          $r->header_out('Set-Cookie', $cookie->as_string);

The patch can be applied by cd'ing to ./local/html/Elements and running:

patch < file_containing_patch

or by manually editing the file.

Gurus, I am ignorant of these matters, but maybe SetupSessionCookie and 
RT_Config.pm should be patched in the official RT package along these 
lines (but with the same default expiration as currently).    That way, 
people would just have to modify RT_SiteConfig.pm to choose their 

Kevin Murphy

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