[Rt-devel] Can I cancel a transaction from within a scrip? ( Was: RE: TransactionBatch state rework + scrip code clean up.)

Jim Rowan jim.rowan at starcore-dsp.com
Fri Apr 30 18:24:35 EDT 2004

> From: seph 
> I'm not sure about your particular usage, but this might be easier in
> procmail. If you don't want RT to get the mail, seems like it might be
> better to keep it from getting there at all...

I understand and agree, but it isn't that simple.  

The mail is (maybe) correspondence related to an existing ticket; we
want to allow people related to the requestor (by having the same mail
domain) to reply to tickets, but we don't want everyone to be able to do
it.  These people may be unknown to us.  This might also be
queue-dependent.  (We're still working on exactly what we want.)

Simply put, I'd like to run some arbitrary perl code in a context that
has access to RT's database and the "proposed" mail transaction, and
have it be able to prevent the transaction from occurring if it finds
that appropriate.

I can do this inside the mail gateway if needed -- but the context of
scrips is far more convenient, if it can be done.

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