[Rt-devel] Question About Validate Custom Field

Pablo Silva psilvao at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 5 10:25:54 EDT 2004

Hi Michel!

 Thank's for your answer, I have a question about

In my work, we need a template with 2 custom fields,
for date entry, we want when an user make a click in
these  fields, open a pop up windows, for to select a

Do you an example for this?, where I can find
documentation for to work with templates in RT?

Thank's in advance

--- "Michael S. Liebman" <m-liebman at northwestern.edu>

> At 06:23 PM 8/4/2004, Pablo Silva wrote:
> >    I want to vallidate two custom fields, my first
> >question is it possible?
> By validate do you mean check that a value has been
> entered or conforms to 
> specified pattern? Most people do that through
> custom JavaScript.
> Michael
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