[Rt-devel] Re: Who should call RT::EmailParser::LookupExternalUserInfo()?

Ruslan U. Zakirov cubic at acronis.ru
Thu Aug 26 07:37:51 EDT 2004

Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> [Ruslan U. Zakirov]
>>I think that RT::User object shouldn't call any sub from EmailParser
>>namespace. LookupExternalUserInfo should be moved from mail parser
>>code may be into User class or into new package that would contain
>>helper functions for external users database handling.
>>Another reason why LookupExternalUserInfo should be moved from mail 
>>parser is that this function is general for all interfaces, web, mail or 
>>other doesn't matter.
> I agree that it is probably misplaced in EmailParser.  It would also
> be usefull if the function wasn't a member function ($self is unused,
> and not really usefull).
> I suspect the RT::User class is the best place for this.  With the
> proper hooks in MailFrom.pm and User_Overlay.pm, I would get LDAP
> authentication and information transwer by only making a
> User_Local.pm.  That would be good. :)

> (Even better would be to get the LDAP support integrated into the
> official RT distribution.  Would it be possible for the RT maintainers
> to let me know what would be needed for this to happen?
RT can't handle everything and LDAP is not only interface for external 
user lookups. The best solution is front-end interface in RT that would 
handle interaction with external source of info about users. If you want 
enable LDAP then you write module(or use one from CPAN, 
RTx::Authen::LDAP) that inherit this interface and provide required 
functionality, then you put into RT_SiteConfig.pm Set($AuthenClass, 
"RTx::Authen::LDAP"); and Set($AuthenOptions, {...some options that 
module could require...});

IMHO RT itself can use this interface for authentication against 
internal database.

All this is just words unless someone try to implement it. We don't use 
external users DB, yet. So I didn't investigate problem deeply.

				Best regards. Ruslan.

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