[Rt-devel] change interface

Kevin Newman kevin.newman at intervideo.com
Thu Dec 16 20:04:22 EST 2004

I have been searching for a couple of days but have not found the answer to
the following question.

We want to setup a user so they can only see and work with 1 queue.  I know
how to do that using the "SeeQueue" right and that works fine.  The problem
is that they still see the "10 newest unowned tickets" box and can click on
tickets in there from other queues and see them even though they don't know
what queue they're in since they don't have that right ;-)

Is there anyway to either have only tickets from the correct queue show up
in the "10 newest" box or to have that box not be there for this particular

Tack (Swedish for Thanks),

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