[Rt-devel] Relabeling subversion branches

Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Thu Jul 1 10:48:29 EDT 2004

So right now, we've got:

rt/trunk  (3.0)
rt/branches/rt-3.1 (3.2)
rt/branches/rt-3.3 (3.3)

It's my intent to re-label the branches to more accurately convey what's
going on with the source code. This should make it somewhat easier for
someone who occasionally works with RT to know immediately which version
of RT is which and to be able to get at the version they want more

My new-world model would look something like  this:

rt/branches/maint-3.0  (3.0, as it's now only recieving maintenance fixes)

rt/branches/stable	(Currently 3.2. Stable releases are cut from this

rt/branches/testing	(Currently 3.3. We're in the process of
			 stabilizing it for release and aren't making 
			 incompatible schema changes or otherwise ripping 
			 apart the system.)

rt/branches/experimental (Currently this doesn't exist. Until the
			  release of 3.2, this was 3.3.)

Should the various stable/testing/experimental branches have their major
version numbers as part of their pathnames?  Is this new plan actually
better than what we do now? Is there a better model we should be
following that will be more useful to the general public?



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