[Rt-devel] Feature requests

matthew zeier mrz at intelenet.net
Thu Jul 1 15:41:39 EDT 2004

> Hi, I just upgraded to RT 3.2.0, and so far I like what I see =)
> Just a few comments so far:
> -When setting: "Set($MyRequestsLength, 0);" then the whole block
>  should be disabled and not even be displayed on the main page.

What would the setting be for unlimited then?

> We only handle incoming supports requests, so short summary:
> -No need to create new requests in rt, as all new come by email
> -No need for approval system (could be disabled in config?)
> -No need to view my own requests as nobody can log in has any
> -We have a need to see our stalled requests on the main page

Edit Elements/MyTickets, line 29.  Add "OR Status = 'stalled'" .  We do the
same - if we don't, folks forget they have stalled tickets.

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