[Rt-devel] No permission to create tickets in the queue 'General'

Eric Brown bigwhitecow at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 5 20:52:59 EDT 2004

I can't tell why I'm getting this error with RT when i send a support email 
in: No permission to create tickets in the queue 'General'

I tried using general instead of General.. no luck.  The email account that 
is sending the request also belongs to one of the admin users...

I also have 2 other problems:

1) how do you get RT to work without a domain name using both internal and 
external IPs?
2) why does all email coming from RT say from: apache 
<proper_email at is_here.com> (i.e. it's always from user named "apache", but 
the email addy is correct.  I am using ssmtp to send mail.

Thanks :)

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