[Rt-devel] RT3 functionality resembling enhanced-mailgate

Mari Wang mari at extern.uio.no
Fri Jun 4 09:58:55 EDT 2004

At our site, we are interested in using functionality corresponding to
what is provided by enhanced-mailgate in RT2 with RT3.

I have looked around a bit, and found a patch sent to this list about
a year ago -
- but it does not seem to be applied to the current distribution.  At
the same time, the functions CreateFrom822, UpdateFrom822 and
_Parse822HeadersForAttributes exist in the Ticket_Overlay.pm file, but
I cannot see them being called anywhere.  They also seem to implement
the addition of regular email headers, not the pseudo headers in the
message body provided by enhanced-mailgate.  What is the status of
this code?  Is the shift from pseudo headers to regular email headers
a conscious one, and if so, for what reasons was it made?  Are the
aforementioned functions used somewhere and I merely overlooked it, or
are they unfinished and as such not presently used?  I would be
interested in taking part in an effort to finalise this code if the
latter is the case.

I have found a few requests about this sent to both rt-devel and
rt-users in the past year, but no replies - hoping for better luck -

Mari :)


Mari Wang - mariw at acm.org

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