[Rt-devel] Control order of Scrips?

Roedel, Mark MarkRoedel at letu.edu
Mon Apr 18 13:16:56 EDT 2005

Jesse answered a similar question in the rt-users list last week.  You
can see the complete post in the archives at 

(Short version: you can't do that yet, but stay tuned...)

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I sent this message originally on 4/8, and have gotten no response.  Am
I posting on the wrong mailing list?

My current solution is to actually combine the code from the two scrips
into one, but that seems somewhat inelegant.  Is there another solution
to this problem?

Original follows:

I'm writing a custom Scrip action (to send a notification to a Jabber
server: I'm actually kind of surprised there isn't one out there already

The thing is, I'm also using the contributed ExtractCustomFieldValues
action to pull some values out of the ticket and place them into custom
fields, and I'd like the Jabber action to be able to use them.

How do I control the execution order of two "On Create" scrips, to
ensure that one is run before the other?

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