[Rt-devel] Re: [rt-users] How to make LDAP authentication in RT3

Alexander Finger af at syd.de
Tue Feb 1 07:00:30 EST 2005

Francisco Javier Martínez Martinez schrieb:
> But my scenario is not that the RT delegates in the Apache the LDAP 
> authentication. My scenario is as follow:
> RT  (not apache) must self - authenticate users against a LDAP server, 
> this is due to that if is the Apache who makes the authentication the 
> first entrance page is missing, and in this first RT´s login page we 
> want to leave messages for users among others things.

Sounds way too complex to me.

Why don't you just put up a static html page in front of the rt?

index.html -> your static page contains the info + a meta refresh on 

After a time defined in the refresh tag, users get automatically 
redirected to rt and have to type in their login.

Looks more straight to me than modifying the code.


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