[Rt-devel] Re: [rt-users] How to make LDAP authentication in RT3

Ruediger Riediger ruediger.riediger at sun.com
Wed Feb 2 02:56:17 EST 2005

Francisco Javier Martínez Martinez wrote

> I had tried many thing following recomendations founds in mailling list, 
> with no success. The last that I had tried is the following:

sounds like you are using our overlay.

> # $LDAPExternalAuto = 1;          # will create accounts "on the fly"

-> this means ever user for RT must be with uid=<rt user id> in your 
LDAP, and then can bind to LDAP using a password.

> And I had created both cases with no success:
> /usr/local/rt3/lib/RT/User_Local.pm
> and
> /usr/local/rt3/local/lib/RT/User_Local.pm

did you use the /usr/local/rt3/local/html/autohandle ?


>> $LdapPass="5...ia";

Looks like someone has to change password now ;-)

>> httpd.conf
>> ServerName helpdesk.....com
>>     DocumentRoot /usr/local/rt3/share/html
>>     AddDefaultCharset UTF-8
>>     PerlModule Apache::DBI
>>     PerlRequire /usr/local/rt3/bin/webmux.pl
>>     <Location />
>>         SetHandler perl-script
>>         PerlHandler RT::Mason
>>         AuthName "RT Web Users"
>>         AuthType Basic
>>         AuthLDAPAuthoritative  off
>>         AuthLDAPurl ldap://ldap.....com/?cn?sub
>>         require valid-user
>>     </Location>
>>     ErrorLog /var/log/helpdesk-error.log
>>     CustomLog /var/log/helpdesk-access.log common
>>     CustomLog /var/log/helpdesk-combined.log combined
>> </VirtualHost>

you do not need any LDAP in httpd.conf

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