[Rt-devel] RT 3.4.0 - Problems with Custom Field Type Text truncating values

Stephen Turner sturner at MIT.EDU
Tue Feb 8 11:09:35 EST 2005

At Tuesday 2/8/2005 10:53 AM, Scott Hebert wrote:
>I recently upgraded to RT 3.4.0 and am making use of the new Text
>Custom Field Type.
>Unfortunately, the CF Values are getting truncated.
>I am entering large paragraphs of text (about 30 lines) and the value
>being saved with only about 5 lines.
>I've been trying to track this down and have found that in Recond.pm
>the $args{'Value'} is different compared to $new_value->Content which
>is returned from $cf->AddValueForObject.
>I will continue to delve deeper into the code, but any assistance
>would be greatly appreciated.

I think text CFs have a maximum of 255 characters.


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