[Rt-devel] Performance 3.4.1, quick advice sought

Alexander Finger af at syd.de
Tue Feb 22 17:12:20 EST 2005

>I do wonder if you folks have granted "Everyone" the right to OwnTicket.
Not globally, at least. Might be one or the other queue has that (though 
not the ones I looked into quickly).
However, I will dive into that tomorrow morning.

I helped myself very very quickly(*) with..

$Users->WhoHaveRight(Right => 'SeeCustomField'..

which reflects 80% of the users in the system; "LimitToPrivileged" does 
the trick much better..

btw. I created a "localized" version of the SelectOwner, which works 
quit well.

(in /opt/rt3/local..)

To answer the other question - I did a setup on the same box, but in a 
distinct directory and with a new db; I transferred all data from old_db 
to new_db, ran the upgrade scripts and fixed the apache + postfix + my 
nifty xml-email-to-rt-script.

This worked all well and the only two things I encountered so far as 
problems in "the logic" were the custom fields, because the groups did 
not have by default the right to see/edit them and the Owner Problem. 
That was a bitt annoying, as it basically killed the system..our people 
work frequently in the Jumbo setting, and if 8 guys in parallel retrieve 
a web form with a select featuring some 10k entries..you see the point.

Thanks to you guys for the quick answers, I will stay with the proposed 
Patch until I understand which rights have been given in the system by 
my colleagues.


* After finding the SelectOwner Element. Took one hour or so ;)

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