[Rt-devel] Setting content-transfer-encoding to 7bit

Phil Rodrigues phil.rodrigues at nyu.edu
Tue Feb 22 16:47:28 EST 2005


We ran into an issue after a clean install of RT 3.4.1 (and RTIR 1.1.5). 
  An external commercial ticket tracking system another part of our 
organization uses was no longer able to process incoming email from RT. 
  It had previously processed mail sent from RT 3.2.2 correctly. 
Digging through the mail headers we saw two basic differences between 
the two systems.  We changed $EmailOutputEncoding to 'us-ascii' per the 
RT_SiteConfig.pm, but were unable to manually specify the 

It looks like RT 3.2.2 had not specified the content-transfer-encoding, 
but 3.4.1 now specified it as 8bit.  This other commercial ticket 
tracking system needed messages to be encoded as 7bit, for some reason.

I manually made this change:


$head->mime_attr( "content-type" => 'text/plain' )
           unless ( $head->mime_attr("content-type") );
         $head->mime_attr( "content-type.charset" => $enc );
+     $head->mime_attr( "content-transfer-encoding" => "7bit" );

And it worked fine: outgoing mail is now encoded as 7bit, and the 
commercial system reads our mail.

I am not sure if this was a local problem, or something that other users 
will run into.  Is it possible to assign content-transfer-encoding to a 
variable that can be set in the RT_SiteConfig?  I am a terrible mail 
encoding, perl, and everything else newbie so I may have missed some 
easier way to do this. :-)


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