[Rt-devel] 3.4.0rc1 slow

Andrew Sullivan ajs at crankycanuck.ca
Sat Jan 8 10:57:17 EST 2005

On Sat, Jan 08, 2005 at 12:28:49AM -0500, David Kerry wrote:
> Ok - my mistake - I hadn't done an analyze on the tables/indexes when I ran
> that (was taking 30+ seconds without the analyze to bring up the query page).

I did wonder about this area, because it's something I know was
recently improved.  But this one. . .

> Simply bringing up the tickets->query builder page generates over 129 sql
> queries ?!  19 of those queries took between 400 and 600ms apiece.  That's

. . . is, according to one of the DBAs in my group at work, primarily
due to the way the ACLs are processed.  So, more objects for
permissions entails more queries, and the delay expands linearly
accorfdingly.  We are also finding that screen to make the system
extremely hard to use.


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