[Rt-devel] RT-RTFM Integration

Joel Johnson joel48 at ischool.washington.edu
Tue Jan 11 18:44:23 EST 2005

We're using RT 3.2.2 (debian package) and RTFM 2.0.4 (tarball install,
kudos to Stephen to the link to the RTFM .debs a few days ago). Working
great, except for a few integration issues between the two.

When modifying a ticket and I do a search for RTFM articles by content,
RTFM/Ticket/Update.html/BeforeMessageBox runs two while loops that
iterate sequentially through $articles_content, followed by searching
$articles_basics, merrily dumping HTML as they go. As a result, if a
search term matches the Name and content of a FAQ, duplicates are
returned (with the same "RTFM-Include-Article-<%ID%>" for each). Being
relatively (9 months) new to RTFM, I'm wondering if there is a reason
for this behaviour, or if it would be better to cache the searches into
a data structure, then remove duplicates, and dump the HTML lines from
the data structure. How would this scale with a large number of FAQs?
For that matter, what is the largest number of FAQs in one installation
people are aware of? FAQs would seem to be to be a more static set then
tickets, which are always growing.

The other issue that has always bothered me is the setup of the Tabs
between RT and RTFM. In RT, RTFM shows up as any other tab, so why does
RTFM relegate RT to a single tab, isolating itself? I think it would
offer a more unified approach to the users if the RTFM tab opened a
submenu, ala Tickets, maintaining the rest of the navigational
structure. I have only quickly glanced at the code on this one, 
however... has this idea already been hashed over? Rationale for the 
current organization?

On another note, how much active RTFM development is taking place? Is
there a subversion repository?


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