[Rt-devel] How to make LDAP authentication in RT3

Patrick Rousseau-Mathieu prouss at cae.com
Mon Jan 31 09:43:18 EST 2005


You have to install apache mod_auth et mod_auth_ldap etc...

and there you all the code here that override the login connexion.


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Hello folks.

Could anyone post the procedure, file, ... to enable LDAP authentication 
against an external LDAP^server, with RT3 in linux.

I know that is possible to authenticate users against an external LDAP 
server, I had been googling and searching in mail-lists, and I had found a 
lot of different references, too much references, but not very clear, and 
most of them refering to RT2, I wonder that it could be the same for RT3. 
This is the mainly reason of my request.

Thanks in advance.

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