[Rt-devel] RT 3.5.2 now available

Joby Walker joby at u.washington.edu
Wed Jul 20 19:12:16 EDT 2005

Thomas Sibley wrote:
> Joby Walker wrote:
>> The BP logo in the upper right with a wide window (1200px+) can leave a
>> huge white void at the top of the page.
> What do you suggest to fill the void?  Having the menu fill it doesn't
> help any.

I'm not sure but there has to be some savings that can be gained by
reworking the top line (search, new ticket, logged in as, pref, logout)
and the main blue menu:

  * there are two "Preferences" links that behave in an identical manner
  * the "Simple Search" and Search are the same right?
  * We are hiding the "Tickets, Tools, Configuration, Approval" stuff in
a menu because they are not going to be used much by the general users
so they shouldn't take up additional real-estate.

Of course, getting rid of the Best Practical Logo gives you tons of
space for more menus, etc...but I doubt that's an option...

Joby Walker
ITI SSG, University of Washington
PGP key: https://staff.washington.edu/joby/joby-u-pub.asc

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