[Rt-devel] default createticket owner?

Rolf Grossmann rg at progtech.net
Wed Jun 1 15:00:49 EDT 2005

Vince wrote:

> Thanks for the suggestions, Rolf.  The added "&Owner=<numeric-id>" on 
> the end of the URL was the first thing I tried.  No luck.  I even 
> tried &Owner=root  (that's the user name).

Using the name won't work. You need the id. Of course then you also need 
to have the user listed in the first place, which brings us to your 
other problem:

> I did have to change share/html/Elements/SelectOwner, though, just to 
> get my user to show in the drop-down.  Without editing it, the only 
> option was "Nobody".

That is due to a change in RT 3.4 that requires a user to have the 
OwnTicket right (just SuperUser is not enough) to show up in the list. 
I've already filed a bug report to revert that change for other 
SuperUsers ([fsck.com #6729]), in the meantime you should just give the 
OwnTicket right to your root user.

> I'd love to get it to come up with "root" selected, not "Nobody", to 
> save me from having to remember to change that drop-down every time I 
> create a ticket.
> Any more ideas? 

It should just work once you get the user in the list without any 
modifications to the code.


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