[Rt-devel] Counters Time of a Ticket in a certain Queue

Hugo Miguel Gomes Delgado hugo.delgado at netcabo.pt
Tue Mar 8 07:31:51 EST 2005

I need to know if its possible to reset the counter time of a ticket when
the change from a queue to another queue, keeping the time of the creation
of a ticket in a Global Counter Time. But have individual time  counters of
individual queue’s. Waiting for a reply.
Best Regards,
Hugo Miguel Delgado
TvCabo Portugal
DRSIP - Direcção de Redes e Serviços IP
R. Tomás Ribeiro 2, sala 1.05
1050-229 Lisboa

Tel. 215002146
Email. hugo.delgado at netcabo.pt
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