[Rt-devel] DBIx::SearchBuilder version

Roy El-Hames rfh at pipex.net
Wed Nov 2 12:29:53 EST 2005

Jesse Vincent wrote:

>First off, I'd look at they mysql server config file to make sure you've
>told it to use more than 64MB of RAM. There are a number of mysql tuning
>guides out there. We also offer configuration assistance as a commercial
>service if you're out of your depth.
I just stated what I did since upgrade from 3.2.3 to 3.4.4, As far as I 
and the team know (we also offer similar services to our clients) mysql 
is optimised , I am sure your experience will be most valuable and trust 
me I am trying since your earlier mail to me few weeks back regarding 
paying customers (I bought the book does that help ).
in any case:
max_allowed_packet = 8M
net_buffer_length = 128K
max_connections = 150
key_buffer = 2048M
myisam_sort_buffer_size = 512M
join_buffer = 16M
read_buffer = 16M
sort_buffer = 16M
read_rnd_buffer = 16M
table_cache = 2048
thread_stack = 1M
thread_cache = 128
wait_timeout = 1800
connect_timeout = 60
max_connect_errors = 10
query_cache_limit = 32M
query_cache_size = 768M
query_cache_type = 1
#thread_concurrency = 1
tmp_table_size = 384M
The system has 6G mem and used for Mysql only, the web server run of 
different hardware.
BTW: there is a long history behind the myisam .. innodb is not much 
different (for us any way) we have 2 dev environments one of each, and 
performance differences is negligible.
The above config was the same with version 3.2.3 which was running very 
smoothly, my main issue is that 3.4.4 is not as efficient *why* and what 
can we do to make it run as 3.2.3 was running.

>>>See ruslan's proposed patch.
>>I must have missed this though I am keeping eagle eye to any solution to 
>>this issue, can you tell me where I can find this patch, its not on the 
>>wiki nor in my saved lists emails (All of them as far as I know)
>He sent it out sometime in the last 18 hours. Your name was in the first
>line of the message, iirc.
Apologies ..mail filters and gmail.
Thanks Ruslan.


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