[Rt-devel] FYI Search/Rights.html : The Refactoring!

Todd Chapman todd at chaka.net
Thu Nov 3 08:55:45 EST 2005

For a while I have been wanting to experiment with making RT
a little more snazzy. Yesterday I started working on using AJAX
techniques to allow building searches without so many page
refreshes. Don't worry, I plan on everything working the same
as it does now if the user doesn't have javascript (on).

The first step is taking most of the code out of Build.html
and putting it in RT::Interface::Web::Buiuld.pm (where it
can be regression tested much easier). This also will
have the benefit that much of the search code duplicated in
Asset Tracker can be removed.

I just wanted to let everyone know what I was up to. If
you have any warnings, suggestions, or feature requests,
please send them my way.

BTW, I am working on 3.4.HEAD which seems to be logically
the same as 3.5 (except CSS layout of course). Hopefully
I am not working with soon to be distincted (?) code.


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