[Rt-devel] RTFM 2.1.37

Ben Goodwin ben at atomicmatrix.net
Thu Sep 1 18:29:34 EDT 2005

Remote SVN appears to be down right now but that file hasn't been edited
since June according to the SVN::Web copy:
FYI I pulled the code out into a test program to isolate the issue.  In
short, this loop:
% while (my $cf = $cfs->Next) {
didn't loop.  So I suspected that the assignment of $cfs was incorrect.
Also, IIRC this line:
my $ccf = RT::FM::ClassCustomField->new($session{'CurrentUser'});
also failed so I removed it and references to $display but I'm not sure what
$display's purpose is (I didn't bother to investigate).
The "if ($cf->Type eq 'TextSingle') {" check appears broken as well as I
don't see where "TextSingle" has ever existed.  The documentation also
refers to TextSingle.
In any case, fixes for these issues need to go in prior to a release of RTFM
as this functionality is clearly broken.
The patch I posted to rt-users was created incorrectly, BTW (it's
        -=| Ben
On Tue, 30 Aug 2005 12:00:05 -0400 (EDT)
rt-devel-request at lists.bestpractical.com
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> > The archive contains the RTFM-2.04 makefile template and installs in a
> > different location than the SVN version. I use svn to install RT-FM-2.x
> > series and there is a Makefile.Pl which asks where RT lives. That
> > version is 2.1.35 exported from svn at 18:50 GMT+2. Versions gotten from
> > /Admin/Tools/Configuration.html
> > Complete list is available on request.
> Try 2.1.40, which I've just released? (I bumped the version just to try
> to get to a number that didn't conflict with anything)
Installed 2.1.41 from SVN and all seems OK.
The problem reported on rt-users about not including the text of CF is
still there.
I'm able to reproduce this in a pristine RT-3.4.3/RT-FM-2.1.41
installation. Create one ticket, create one RT-FM article, set rights,
I'm using the builtin root account, and try to include article 1 when
replying to the ticket. This will include the Title and the Summary but
not any CustomFields the article has.
The code to do this is there but I haven't had time to look why it
doesn't work.
(html/RTFM/Article/Elements/Preformatted )


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