[Rt-devel] What is wrong with my ru.po ?

Nikolay Martynov mna at metabuilder.ru
Mon Sep 5 10:35:49 EDT 2005

Maybe my I18N/ru.po file is too big? (232 kb)
I cant get loc("Clone") and many others records.. i'm stuck

Failing test code:

 my $hand = RT::I18N->get_handle('ru');
 $m->print($hand->maketext('Clone')); # Failed!
 $m->print($hand->maketext('Calendars')); # Ok!

— Dies with English content 'Clone', but Most others transaltions in this
file works just fine!

Please help me, file URL: http://www.metabuilder.ru/Files/ru.po

С уважением, Николай Мартынов
mailto:mna at solarex-it.ru
Соларекс АйТи, (095) 777-5755 
http://www.solarex-it.ru http://www.metabuilder.ru

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