[Rt-devel] What is wrong with my ru.po ?

Jérôme Fenal jfenal at gmail.com
Mon Sep 5 11:12:45 EDT 2005

2005/9/5, Nikolay Martynov <mna at metabuilder.ru>:
> Maybe my I18N/ru.po file is too big? (232 kb)
> I cant get loc("Clone") and many others records.. i'm stuck
> Failing test code:
> <%perl>
>  my $hand = RT::I18N->get_handle('ru');
>  $m->print($hand->maketext('Clone')); # Failed!
>  $m->print($hand->maketext('Calendars')); # Ok!
> </%perl>
> — Dies with English content 'Clone', but Most others transaltions in this
> file works just fine!
> Please help me, file URL: http://www.metabuilder.ru/Files/ru.po

First, make sure that your ru.po is generated by 'make regenerate-catalogs'.
Then clean the resulting ru.po removing all strings no more present in
the source :

    perl -00ne 'print unless /NOT FOUND/' ru.po > ru2.po && mv ru2.po ru.po

Last, there was a glitch in RT source code that would cause 'make
regen...' to generate badly formed .po.
Use C<msgfmt> to lookup for errors, correct them (by deleting
offending  lines, there should be a few), re-run ru.po, retranslate (I
use kbabel), install, and it should be ok


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