[Rt-devel] RT-3.5.3: suggestion for Preferences

Alexander List alexlist at sbox.tu-graz.ac.at
Tue Sep 6 10:29:14 EDT 2005


I just had a look at RT 3.5.3 and noticed the really useful feature that
permits customization of the search views and the "RT at a Glance" page
on a per-user basis.

What about defining per-group defaults for those views? E.g. billing
agents get a different view than technical support people, who see
something else than sales people. To me it doesn't make sense to
configure those views individually if the configuration applies to a
large group of users...

What I'd also love to see is links to a user defined subset of "my saved
searches" on the start page...

Thanks for a wonderful piece of software, keep up the good work!


PS: I just ordered my copy of "RT Essentials" :-)

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