[Rt-devel] simple search result count discrepancy

David Smithson dsmithson at activsupport.com
Tue Aug 15 01:27:51 EDT 2006

Hi.  I guess this is sort of a bug, if you happen to use a simple search
in this way:

Where RT has Queues 1-10, and User A owns 371 tickets spread across all
queues, 100 of which are in Queue 1.

* Log in as User B, who has rights to see only Queue 1
* Type 'A' in simple search to find tickets owned by User A

Results header says 'Found 371 tickets', where one might expect it to
say 'Found 100 tickets'.  The actual results are the 100 tickets in
Queue 1, which is normal, but the header says differently.

I suppose this might be one of those debatable wishy washy instances
where a config option might end the debate?  Any opinions from the dev
department?  Should I submit a bug report?  I would gladly submit a
patch, but I'm not quite smart enough yet.

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