[Rt-devel] Bug in Ticket History

Speicher, Joshua (TekSecure Labs) JSpeicher at teksecurelabs.com
Fri Aug 18 15:05:39 EDT 2006

I have been struggling to narrow down and fix a bug we have in our
Ticket Histories.  Every once in a while the function $self->OldValue
will return a random value when in fact it should be NULL.  I have no
idea why it does this, but it seems if it fails once, the rest of the
CustomField elements that have been "Added" will show that they changed
from the random value to the current "NewValue".  Also it has been
reported to me that random $self->NewValue will happen as well,
resulting in corrupt History data.  Any known bugs associated with
CustomFields and the ticket history display?  So far I've narrowed the
issue down to Transaction_Overlay.pm and $self->OldValue and/or


We are using:



RT 3.4.5


Joshua Speicher
Web Developer
TekSecure Labs (sm)
(a division of Tekmark Global Solutions)


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