[Rt-devel] rt 3.5.7 Bug in "N highest priority tickets I own" customization?

k b k_b0000 at yahoo.se
Fri Feb 17 03:36:35 EST 2006


It might be a bug in rt 3.5.7 or it might be me. Have
a look at the steps i performed.

1. Installed rt 3.5.7 with a clean database (Pg
2. Logged in as root.
3. Created 2 tickets owned by root. The two tickets
show up under "10 highest priority tickets I own".
4. Click the Edit link next to to the "10 highest
priority tickets I own" text.

5. At the page: Customize "N" highest priority tickets
I own. i added the column Requestors to be shown as
the second column. (id, Requestors, Subject....) and
saved the view.

6. Click on the Home link.

7. now, no tickets are shown under
"10 highest priority tickets I own".

8. Edit the view again to remove the Requestors field.
Save and go to Home again, view changed but i still
cannot see any ticktes.

There is also another question here.
Apart from changing directly in files or in the
database, is there a facility for globally changing
"10 highest priority tickets I own".
That is changing the default view so that all users
use those global settings?


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