[Rt-devel] rt 3.5.7 Bug in "N highest priority tickets I own" customization?

Dave Alden alden at math.ohio-state.edu
Fri Feb 17 15:06:19 EST 2006

  Here's a me too.  I have the same problem.  I can't fix it, but I can tell
you how to get back to where you were.  :-)  Look below for the info.

On Fri, Feb 17, 2006 at 12:36:35AM -0800, k b wrote:
> Hi.
> It might be a bug in rt 3.5.7 or it might be me. Have
> a look at the steps i performed.
> 1. Installed rt 3.5.7 with a clean database (Pg
> 8.1.3).
> 2. Logged in as root.
> 3. Created 2 tickets owned by root. The two tickets
> show up under "10 highest priority tickets I own".
> 4. Click the Edit link next to to the "10 highest
> priority tickets I own" text.
> 5. At the page: Customize "N" highest priority tickets
> I own. i added the column Requestors to be shown as
> the second column. (id, Requestors, Subject....) and
> saved the view.
> 6. Click on the Home link.
> 7. now, no tickets are shown under
> "10 highest priority tickets I own".
> 8. Edit the view again to remove the Requestors field.
> Save and go to Home again, view changed but i still
> cannot see any ticktes.

Many thanks to Ben Goodwin for this fix:


I've found that I've had to completely wipe out my personal prefs (manual
database alteration) to get this to work right...
Try this manual database query outside RT:

SELECT Attributes.id,Attributes.Name,Attributes.Description FROM Attributes
LEFT JOIN Users ON Attributes.Creator = Users.id WHERE Users.Name =
'YOURLOGINNAME' AND Attributes.Name != "SquelchMailTo" AND Attributes.Name
!= "SavedSearch";

Replace YOURLOGINNAME as appropriate and fix any line wrapping.

I've had to delete any results (DELETE FROM Attributes WHERE id = 'xxx';) to
regain some functionality .. I'm curious what prefs if you have, if any.


I followed Ben's instructions (removed the 2 attributes that were defined
for my username) and I was able to see my tickets again (albeit without the
changes I wanted :-).


Dave Alden
The Ohio State University
Department of Mathematics

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