[Rt-devel] Proposed update to RT::Interface::Web::UpdateRecordObject

Todd Chapman todd at chaka.net
Mon Feb 20 17:38:28 EST 2006


I am finding it common in RT customization to want to
set site specific attributes on custom fields.
(This may be useful for other types of RT object, but
most other objects can use custom fields instead of
attributes, but CF objects currently don't have custom
fields of their own.)

My proposed solution for making this easy comes in
2 parts:

1. Add (and submit patches) for callbacks were necesssary
   so the RT interface gives form elements for the desired

2. Modify RT::Interface::Web::UpdateRecordObject and
   possibly RT::Record::Update to accept a standardized
   syntax for form elements (%ARGS) so that Create, Update,
   and Delete will happen automagically once the proper
   form elements are in place.

The alternative is to modify RT so that custom fields can
have custom fields. Haven't thought about the details of

Powers that be; what do you think?


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