[Rt-devel] wrong time inserted into sessions table on Pg 8.1.3

k b k_b0000 at yahoo.se
Sun Feb 26 04:54:33 EST 2006

I am testing out RT 3.6.0pre0, but i have the same
problem om 3.5.7.
i am using RT with Postgresgql 8.1.3 that does not run
on the same machine as apache. 

when i log in (only tested with root) i get logged in,
then as soon as i click a link, the login screen is
presented to me, if i log in again, the same thing
happens again.

so, i had a look in the sessions table in the database
and found out that:
a. the time in the column lastupdated is exactly one
hour less then the real time.
b. the lastupdated column is not updated when i log in
a second time.

both the machines in question (web server and db
server), are running FC4 with all updates.
if i give the clock command they show,
[root at web]# clock
Sun 26 Feb 2006 10:41:41 AM CET  -0.744519 seconds

[root at sql]# clock
Sun 26 Feb 2006 10:42:20 AM CET  -0.626471 seconds

CET = central european time.
the clocks are not perfectly synchronized but still
not one hour apart.

for the current session i can see the following in the
sessions table:

rt3=# select lastupdated from sessions order by
lastupdated desc limit 1;
 2006-02-26 09:40:16.497154
(1 row)

(as you can see, this is one hour wrong, compared to
the clock output).

if i manually insert a row into the sessions table i
get the following:

rt3=# start transaction;
rt3=# insert into sessions(id, a_session)
values('123', 'B');
rt3=# select * from sessions order by lastupdated desc
limit 1;
                id                | a_session |       
 123                              | B         |
2006-02-26 10:46:51.59215
(1 row)

rt3=# rollback;

as you can see, the time is given correctly this time.
so it feels like something is happening within the
RT-code, something that tries to fix something with
the time but fails.

end of report

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