[Rt-devel] Concurrency problem

Michael.ki michael.ki at bbhmedia.com
Wed Jan 4 14:51:30 EST 2006

Not sure if there's any way of getting any help on this or not, but I'm
stuck with an old version of RT 
(either 2.0.12 or 2.0.15 - likely a mix) so the structure of some of the
code and supporting libraries 
may be way too out of date for any help here...
We're experiencing concurrency issues - specifically when 2 people
'take' a ticket in the same short window 
(1-3 seconds, depending on load) they *both* seem to have taken it.
Both names are written 
to the ticket history as having 'taken' the ticket, and neither sees a
message indicating that they do not, in fact, 
own the ticket.  Only after some work has been done and a user goes to
save the work do they see a message 
that they do not own the ticket.
I've downloaded the list archives from 2000-now looking for the word
'concurrency' or 'concurrent' and 
have only found those mentioned a couple of times, and those mails
aren't anything related to my issue.
This is running on a standard LAMP stack, but I don't think the issue is
related to mysql specifically.
Has anyone else noticed this issue?
Michael Kimsal
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