[Rt-devel] priority escalation details

Petter Reinholdtsen pere at hungry.com
Wed Jan 18 07:27:06 EST 2006

[Kevin Murphy]
> What changes to RT would be needed to allow time-linear priority
> escalation?  Another ticket property (escalation_days_per_point or
> something) that would be implicitly updated whenever the due date or
> final priority is changed?

The code doing the escalation is in lib/RT/Action/EscalatePriority.pm.
Rewriting the calculations to not use integer division should solve
your problem.

Our user would in addition have escalation without changing
last-updated-by, to be able to search out the tickets were someone
else than the owner was the last to update the ticket, and thus find
the tickets in need of the owners attention.  Not sure how hard it
would be to make it an option for the escalation system.

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