[Rt-devel] RT 3.5.7

Glenn Sieb ges at wingfoot.org
Tue Jan 24 08:54:11 EST 2006

Ben Goodwin said the following on 1/24/2006 7:14 AM:
> I noticed a problem with the autohandler in /NoAuth/images ... Previously,
> while I *thought* I'd properly set up the Alias in Apache, I had not -- the
> autohandler was giving me the image.  After one of my recent sync's to BP's
> RT subversion repo, this broke, which led me to find my broken Alias.
> However, the broken autohandler issue remains for those who rely on it.  I
> haven't bothered to look into the issue at all - I just fixed my Apache
> alias :-)

d'oh.. I was missing the alias to /NoAuth/images/ (which I don't think
I'd needed before.. hmm. *shrug*

It's working now.. Thanks, Ben! :-D


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