[Rt-devel] 3.5.7 login/logout bug

Shawn Plummer plummer at geneseo.edu
Fri Jan 27 15:09:58 EST 2006

I have a new install of 3.5.7 and it works pretty well. However the  
first time I login and click on anything in the interface it logs me  
right back out. I can login again and proceed normally after that (in  
Safari at any rate, other users have reported being logged out on  
every link they click on using firefox). Does anyone know of any  
behavior like this?

Shawn Plummer
Systems Manager
CIT SUNY Geneseo
"The mind can make substance, and people planets of its own with  
beings brighter than have been, and give a breath to forms which can  
outlive all flesh." -Lord Byron

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