[Rt-devel] 3.5.7 login/logout bug

Jim Meyer purp at acm.org
Fri Jan 27 16:26:09 EST 2006


On Fri, 2006-01-27 at 12:09, Shawn Plummer wrote:
> I have a new install of 3.5.7 and it works pretty well. However the  
> first time I login and click on anything in the interface it logs me  
> right back out. I can login again and proceed normally after that (in  
> Safari at any rate, other users have reported being logged out on  
> every link they click on using firefox). Does anyone know of any  
> behavior like this?

Makes me wonder if you're logging in with an incomplete domain, e.g.
http://rt/, and the next link you click points to the FQDN, e.g.
http://rt.example.com/ ... seem right?

Jim Meyer, Geek at Large                                    purp at acm.org

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