[Rt-devel] Process CustomField updates before sending message

Koopmann, Jan-Peter Jan-Peter.Koopmann at seceidos.de
Mon Jul 24 03:14:29 EDT 2006


we are using rt-3.6.0 and the callback based solution described


Moreover we changed the callbacks so we can change priority and due date on the Update/Comment screen as well. Things work fine with two exceptions/hickups:

1. Sometimes (!) Display.html shows the old due date in the summary section while already showing the change to the new due date in History. A reload of the ticket "fixes" the problem. 

2. We use a scrip creating a small e-mail notifying the customer that the ticket has been stalled until the due date. Naturally sometimes this scrip puts in the old due date and sometimes the new due date.

Is there any way to fix at least problem 2? I thought about putting the scrip in the TransactionBatch stage but somehow this did not help or resulted in no e-mail being generated at all.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Kind regards,

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