[Rt-devel] profiling rt with fastcgi

Boldra paul at boldra.com
Tue Jul 25 06:35:12 EDT 2006

I know this isn't really an RT question, but I thought some people here 
must have some experience with this;

How can I do performance profiling (eg dprof) with fastcgi?  I've tried 
simply adding dprof to mason_handler.fcgi , but the tmon file I get is 
corrupt - I suspect because multiple processes are writing to the file 

I know I could set up an similar environment using mod_perl and then use 
apache::dprof, which would give me some idea, or I could just use 
standalone_httpd, but I'd much prefer to get some numbers from our 
production environment, which uses fastcgi.

Has anyone got any suggestions for this?

Paul Boldra

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