[Rt-devel] Upgrading from 3.4.5 to 3.6.0 blew up my approvals - sort of

Ramon Kagan rkagan at yorku.ca
Wed Jul 26 11:54:54 EDT 2006


We've been using RT for approvals for well over a year and I just 
completed an upgrade to 3.6.0 and now I'm having issues.

Approvals are being created as expected. However, no notification is being 
sent out of its creation (Scrip 11).  Furthermore, if I go to the Approval 
page nothing gets listed.  Unless I specifically go to 
/rt/Approvals/Dislplay.html?id=<id#> I cannot see the approvals.  Even 
with SuperUser permission I am unable to see the approvals.

Any suggestions?  I've traced the logs (debug mode) and the Scrip never 
gets called.  As for the Approval page I'm at a loss it obviously works 
since I can force it to so it to me. BTW, other scrips in the approval 
queue work fine and the scrips haven't changed from prior to the upgrade 
I've audited that.

I checked the lists over the past two months didn't see anything obvious.

Thanks and regards,

Ramon Kagan, GCIA				(p)416-736-2100 #20263
Manager, UNIX Services				rkagan at yorku.ca
Computing and Network Services
York University, Toronto, Canada

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