[Rt-devel] feature requests or wishlist

David Smithson dsmithson at activsupport.com
Sun Jul 30 22:34:14 EDT 2006

This is just a brain dump.  I know what you're going to say next, "ok,
go ahead and send us a patch".  Maybe someday, but here are some fun
feature requests anyway:

* Options for arithmetical functions in display of search results ( e.g.
Total TimeWorked, Avg. TimeWorked, etc. )

* Options for Chart:
** PNG pixel dimensions
** Alternate orientation, axis rotation
** Download SVG maybe?
** More generic Charting in GUI, like maybe be able to designate X, Y,
and show/noshow in the 'Display' configuration of a Tickets query.
** Comparative multi-layer charting ( e.g. TimeWorked by User per Month
OR TimeWorked per Queue per Month )
** Chart->PDF

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