[Rt-devel] Googleish owner privileged

Rolf Grossmann rg at progtech.net
Mon Jul 31 16:35:46 EDT 2006

Jesse Vincent wrote:

> On Jul 29, 2006, at 10:29 PM, David Smithson wrote:
>> Hi all.  Why is it that an owner specified in a simple search must be a
>> privileged user to return results.
> So. How did you end up with non-privileged owners? That's very much 
> outside the "regular" flow of RT.

Not that hard actually. You only need to remove the privileged flag from 
a user that owns a ticket. One might do that when removing the Enabled 
flag and being overzealous.

Now, whether a _simple_ search should actually find the tickets this 
user owns is debatable. I can confirm that right now, it doesn't, but I 
guess you knew that, since there's an explicit test in the search code.

And on a side note: If that user didn't have the OwnTicket Right 
(because he was SuperUser), you even need a small patch to be able to 
select him as Owner in the Query Builder (which does find the tickets).

Best regards,

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