[Rt-devel] Upgrading from 3.4.5 to 3.6.0 blew up my approvals - sort of

Rolf Grossmann rg at progtech.net
Mon Jul 31 14:18:44 EDT 2006


Ramon Kagan wrote:

> Approvals are being created as expected. However, no notification is 
> being sent out of its creation (Scrip 11).  Furthermore, if I go to the 
> Approval page nothing gets listed.  Unless I specifically go to 
> /rt/Approvals/Dislplay.html?id=<id#> I cannot see the approvals.  Even 
> with SuperUser permission I am unable to see the approvals.

While I can't confirm any problem with notification and/or running 
scrips, I'm seeing the same problem with listing the approvals.

I've tracked down the problem to the fix from Ticket 7029, which 
restricts the Listing to Tickets that the User owns or is AdminCC for. I 
  do agree, that there obviously was a bug before (not restricting 
$group_tickets at all), however the current solution isn't working for 
me (I'm copying approvers in CC:), nor does it seem to be working for Ramon.

On a related note: The "Show requests awaiting other approvals" check 
box seems to be either not working or unnecessary or badly described. 
 From the code I'd say it enables listing of approvals that depend on 
other (still unapproved) approvals.

Unfortunately, for both cases I'm not sure how you've intended it to 
work in the first place. So far, I was happy with just listing all 
approval requests the user could see, but apparently that's too slow for 
Todd. (Todd: Do you really have that many open approvals?) And what 
would be the preferred solution, so that SuperUser can view all Approvals?

Best regards,

PS: Yes, I'll write a patch once we have a solution ;)

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