Subject: Re: [Rt-devel] wrong time inserted into sessions table on Pg 8.1.3

k b k_b0000 at
Wed Mar 1 12:39:12 EST 2006

i will try too have a look in the code.

which files are taking care of the session handing?
when a person is logged in or when the sesion is
checked, wich file is checking the cookies value
agains the database?
and, which file and function (or method) is updating
the sessions table in the database?

i would like to know this to be able to have a look at
this problem.

i tried to set my servers time to GMT, but the entry
in the database still showed one hour too little.
so it seems more and more to be a RT problem.

which modules are upgraded between 3.5.7 and 3.6.0pre0
(if any)?


> Still the same problem. I see the following.
> If the browser already has a cookie, then no updates
> are made in the session table.
> If the browser does not have a cookie, then a cookie
> is created and a row is inserted into the sessions
> table, this row contains a bad time, namly one hour
> less then in the real world.
> Could it be some module that RT depends on that
> fails?

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