[Rt-devel] Customized At-A-Glance problem

Peterson, Erik epeterson at edc.org
Wed Mar 1 13:13:21 EST 2006

I have rt-3.5.7 installed on a test system.  When I try to customize the "10
newest unowned tickets" or the "10 highest priority tickets I own" sections
for any user, the results disappear, no matter what it is that I have

In fact, even if I don't actually change anything, and just click Save, it
saves and puts an entry in the Attributes table, but now the tickets that
were showing up in either section no longer appear.  And worse yet, it's not
limited to the At-A-Glance section.  When I click on the "10 highest
priority tickets I own" link, it opens up a Results.html with "Found 1
Ticket" (which would be correct for this particular user), but there is
nothing in the list.

Side note, in the Results.html, clicking on any of the column headings to
resort will restore the item as well.

And deleting the record from Attributes associated with that User restores
the items...

Any ideas?

A second problem that I believe to be unrelated: click on the "10 newest
unowned tickets" link shows a results page where the h1 is:
<h1>Found 3 tickets</h1>

But the user only sees (correctly) the one unowned ticket in the queue to
which they have privileges...  Seems like the #tickets found should match
the # tickets in the results...


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