[Rt-devel] RT Speed

Michael.ki michael.ki at bbhmedia.com
Tue Mar 7 09:59:55 EST 2006

Hello all:

I think I know the answer to this, but I need to ask anyway.  We've got
an *old* copy of 
RT running (2.0.15) and things are often slow when we have numerous
people using the system.  Let me give some numbers to help put this in

Dual Pentium 1 ghz
2 gigs of RAM
RedHat 9

By 'numerous' people, I mean 15+.  The system will often take 20-40
(sometimes more) to render a page - viewing a queue listing is generally
the worst offender, but the system as a whole slows down.

The database is MySQL running on a separate server connected via a
gigabit connection - the database server never breaks a sweat.  In a
typically week we may have 20million queries on that server, and 100 of
them take longer than 5 seconds (mysql slow-query logging is set to 5

I realize this is a very old version, but I'm reluctant to upgrade
because 1) there've been some customizations to the code and 2) there
are other systems which rely on the current RT the way it is for
GET/POST interaction.

Will upgrading to the latest release (however painful) have a dramatic
improvement to the performance?  Can anyone who has worked on the code
give me an idea of some of the underlying performance enhancements at
that level which would make a dramatic difference?  At the moment, (perl
and mod_perl are not my primary languages), I'm having to assume the
speed is either with perl itself or with the multiple layers of
abstraction in the RT code I can see.


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