[Rt-devel] ActiveStatus and InactiveActiveStatus

Roy El-Hames rfh at pipex.net
Tue Mar 28 04:39:01 EST 2006

In 3.4.4 you 'll need to edit your Element 
(/opt/rt3/local/html/Element/MyTickets) and add the line
$MyTickets->LimitStatus(VALUE => "escalated"); in your query ..(within 
the <%INIT>)

Phil Smith III wrote:

>Yeah, I'm sounding like an amateur here -- I do know better.  This is 3.4.4.  Sounds like it's time to upgrade!
>I mean both the "10 highest priority" list and if I click through on a queue name in the "Quick Search" list at the right.
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>On Mon, 2006-03-27 at 20:44 -0500, Phil Smith III wrote:
>>Thanks, but that doesn't do it: it adds those statuses, but if we've added,
>> say, an ActiveStatus of "escalated", the RT homepage doesn't list any tickets 
>>in that status.  That's what I'm trying to fix; I apologize for being unclear.
>I'm working to understand what you mean by "...the RT homepage doesn't
>list any tickets in that status" ... I think you mean that none of the
>ticket lists like "10 highest priority tickets I own". You also didn't
>mention what version of RT you're using, and that makes a big
>If you're using 3.5.x or greater, log in as a SuperUser and click the
>Edit button by the offending list of tickets. You should see a link
>which will allow you to edit the underlying query; most of those queries
>are looking for new and/or open, so just add your statuses and save it
>If you're in 3.4.x, it's tougher and I'm not qualified to guide you
>blind. I think you're going to end up editing the underlying HTML files
>for several elements on the page, but there may be smarter ways to get
>what you want.
>BTW, if you're on pre-3.5.x, you really owe it to yourself to install a
>dev instance of 3.6.0pre0 (or even just 3.5.5) and see what you're
>missing. It's night and day. =]

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