[Rt-devel] "This message will be sent to..." confirmation page

Duncan Shannon dshannon at techfluent.com
Tue Mar 28 10:41:14 EST 2006

> We have a mason component called ShowAutoRecipients that will list
> the mail recipients in a format similar to a mail client (To, Cc, and
> Bcc sections). I've attached the code. There's a call to a
> GetAttribute method that's part of another mod we made, so you'll
> need to remove that if you use this code.

Very nice.

I don't recall seeing anything on "how to use or add custom mason

Is the idea that you add save the file in rt3/path/to/local  and then
edit the template that is used for the Update ticket page and include a
couple lines that call the mason component and then restart and it will
show up on the page?

Do you mid if I create a wiki page with the information/code?


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